Alexei Navalny released from a Berlin hospital early Wednesday after more than a month

44-year-old Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, who has blamed the Kremlin for harming him, was released from a Berlin hospital on Wednesday after over a month. Navalny was hospitalized a month ago subsequent to becoming sick on a plane ride from Siberia to Moscow on Aug. 20. Drug specialists affirmed evidence without question that he had been harmed with a Soviet-time nerve agent called Novichok, yet the Kremlin has denied any contribution.

On Wednesday, Navalany left the hospital following 32 days, 24 of which were spent in ICU. In spite of different requests for an examination, including from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has considered it an attempted murder, the Kremlin has seethed at the suggestion and denied any endeavors to dispose of Navalny.