Archaeologists have discovered & identified the long-sunken Mayan slave ship

The discovery of a long-submerged Mayan slave vessel is giving a remarkable history dose to analysts and archeologists the same. Excavators in Mexico have affirmed that a shipwreck found off the bank of the Yucatán Peninsula once conveyed captured Mayans who might later be sold into subjugation. The vessel is the first Mayan slave ship ever found.

La Union, a paddlewheel steamer, was in transit to Havana when it sank off the shore of Sisal on Sept. 19, 1861. Regardless of bondage having been nullified in Mexico as right on time as 1829, the disclosure demonstrates that Mayan individuals were all the while being sold into subjugation. La Union wrongfully caught and shipped around 25 to 30 Mayans month to month to Cuba, where they had to work in sugar cane fields from 1855 to 1861.