A manhunt is underway in Texas for a suspect accused of raping one woman & shooting another

Texas officials are looking for a 59-year-old man, Jose Marin Soriano, blamed for binding a lady to his bed, sexually assaulting her and shooting another casualty who smashed her vehicle and passed away subsequent to escaping from him on Saturday night. Cops arriving at the scene found the assault casualty tied to the speculate’s bed, with chains around her lower leg and a rope around her neck. Over the road from the home, cops found the body of a second casualty inside an ablaze vehicle that had collided with woods. The survivor told specialists she and the other lady were companions and cleaned houses for the suspect.

The man purportedly called them to his home on Saturday subsequent to teasing to deliver lascivious photographs of one of them. He at that point threatened to use a firearm, explicitly attacked one casualty and, at a certain point, shot the other. The lady who ran from the scene was found with one discharge wound and her body seriously burned after her vehicle got on fire following the accident. The specific reason for her passing is under scrutiny. Soriano fled his home before deputies showed up, abandoning his own mobile, which his assault casualty used to call cops.