Subway train in Manhattan derailed after a laughing homeless saboteur put metal clamps on the roadbed

A subway train in Manhattan crashed on Sunday morning after a giggling destitute saboteur put metal clasps on the track bed. The uptown A train was entering the fourteenth St./Eighth Ave. station in the West Village at 8:17 a.m. at the point when it ran into the metal tie plates. 3 of the subway vehicles wrecked, with at any rate one wheel leaving the tracks, and sideswiped a few supports isolating the track beds.

The vagrant found the tie plates on a heap of development materials at the fourteenth St. station. He took the plates and put them on the tracks before the train came into the station. Suburbanites saw the 30-year-old presume snickering at his achievement. People held him at the station until cops arrested him and carried him to Transit District 2 headquarters for addressing.

The train wound up stuck around 100 feet into the Eighth Ave. tunnel. Medics on call emptied around 30 individuals from the train. 3 travelers endured minor wounds. 1 denied clinical consideration. Another was treated at the scene while the third was taken to Bellevue Hospital for additional treatment.