26-year-old Black man who was repeatedly punched & arrested by a white deputy has been released from jail

A 26-year-old African-American man, Roderick Walker, who was consistently beaten by a white Georgia sheriff’s deputy after a ride-share vehicle he was going in and then captured has been released from prison. Walker was beaten and captured on last Friday after a traffic stop close to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport after purportedly inquiring as to why the deputies requested to see his ID when the vehicle had a presumed taillight and Walker, alongside his better half, their 5-month-old kid and his stepson, were travelers.

Walker had been put on an extraordinary felony probation warrant. The deputy seen punching Walker in the viral video, later recognized by the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office as Brandon Myers, was terminated for inordinate power hours after Walker was captured after video of the episode started to flow online. Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill said a week ago after the officer was terminated that Walker got clinical treatment before he was moved to an alternate prison. Walker was allowed a signature bond and is needed to wear an ankle monitor.