Spotify criticized the Apple One bundle by calling it “anti-competitive” & want regulators to look into it

Soon after the launch of Apple One on Tuesday, Spotify reprimanded the package, calling it “anti-competitive.” Spotify approached controllers to investigate Apple One. Spotify said Apple is utilizing its prevailing position and out of line practices to affect contenders and deny buyers by preferring its own services. Whenever left unchecked, Apple’s packaging of services will hurt contenders, and could restrict decisions for customers.

Lawful specialists state Spotify’s contention would almost certainly work something like this: By packaging Apple Music with other Apple services, Apple could make it less expensive and simpler for clients to pick Apple Music over other music subscription services like Spotify. Singular packages for Apple Music alone and Spotify both beginning at $9.99 every month and the essential Apple One package begins at $14.95 every month and incorporates two other subscription services and 50 Gb of capacity. Along these lines, with the package, customers will get three additional services for just $5 extra every month