55-year-old security guard died after falling 6 stories down a ventilation shaft of a building under construction

55-year-old security officer passed away in the wake of falling six floors down a ventilation shaft of a Financial District structure under development. Troy Evans was inside 1 Wall St. in Lower Manhattan at 2 p.m. Friday when he tumbled down the shaft and into the sub-cellar. Medics pulled Evans out of the shaft and took him to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, yet he was unable to be spared.

Throughout the previous quite a while, development groups have been redesiging the 50 floors structure with multi-million dollar apartment suites. Engineers likewise plan to construct a penthouse with a soliciting cost from $38 million. The structure previously opened to people in 1931.

In July, a development laborer was electrically stunned after he stepped on a power cable. The DOB has logged a few tips against the development at 1 Wall St. throughout the most recent couple of months including contract based workers not observing social distancing rules during the pandemic, work being done outside of pre-affirmed plans, perilous frameworks and work being done at night-time.