President Donald Trump still thinks that his stardom gives him permission to grab women’s genitals

Recently, ex-model Amy Dorris told that Trump forced his tongue down her throat external the restroom of his VIP box at the U.S. Open 23 years ago. She mentioned to companions what happened contemporaneously. Dorris’ charges would be upsetting in disconnection. Rather, she is one of the many ladies who state Trump kissed or grabbed or in any case exploited them, without assent, throughout the long term.

He likewise stands blamed for mid-1990s sexualt assault in a Manhattan department store dressing room. After Trump called E. Jean Carroll a liar and said he never met her, Carroll sued for maligning; Trump’s own Justice Department has interceded for his sake. Who are you going to accept, a great many ladies after many ladies or a man who gloated on TV that his fame allows him to snatch ladies’ private parts?