“No Confidence” resolution passed against Louisville Mayor after the shooting death of Breonna Taylor

Following 3 hours of discussion, the Louisville Metro Council has passed a resolution to communicate their absence of confidence in Mayor Greg Fischer after the shooting demise of Breonna Taylor and his treatment of the distress that followed. Instead of essentially demanding his renunciation, the “no confidence” legislation furnishes Fischer with steps he can take that will reestablish trust between the occupants of Louisville Metro and its government.

Among the rundown of suggestions were calls for approaches tending to social and racial value, similar to an expansion to moderate lodging just as a full audit of the police department before the year’s end. Council members likewise mentioned straightforwardness from their mayor, which would incorporate delivering the whole examination concerning Taylor’s passing upon culmination. The 26-year-old EMT was taken down by Louisville cops serving a “no-knock” search warrant the evening of March 13.