Barbados set to dump Queen Elizabeth as its head of state & replace her with its own leader by late 2021

Barbados intends to dump Queen Elizabeth as its leader and supplant her with its own pioneer by late 2021. The 167-square-mile island, which is found around 580 miles south of Puerto Rico, has a populace of almost 300,000 occupants. Albeit Barbadian pioneer Chester Sue says he bolsters the push toward complete self-governance, he doesn’t accept huge change will happen.

The British PM’s office claims it approves of the likely move yet that the choice is in the possession of Barbadian authorities. During the current Black Lives Matter uproar, Sue needs to observe the destroying of a statue of British Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson in the capital of Bridgetown, a representative seal of former British control. Yet, he likewise stresses that a large number of his kindred residents are content with the norm.