Alaska dentist sentenced to 12 years in prison for riding a hoverboard while extracting a patient’s tooth

Seth Lookhart, an Alaska dental specialist who was captured removing a patient’s tooth while being on a hoverboard has been condemned to 12 years in jail on Monday in Anchorage Superior Court on many charges, including Medicaid extortion, careless peril and unlawful dental acts. Furthermore, the ex-dental specialist won’t be permitted to perform medical activities during his 10-year probation period after his release.

The 2016 hoverboard video, which shows Lookhart accomplishing dental work on a drugged person before zooming a few doors down in win, freed him up to far reaching examination, and at last, a more profound test into his practices. A jury in January sentenced Lookhart for his tricks, which likewise included leaving his patients quieted and unaided for extensive stretches of time just as eliminating teeth without consent. Lookhart apologized for his activity in court while perusing a readied proclamation. Lookhart will start carrying out his punishment on Dec. 7.