23-year-old California man accused of stabbing his two adoptive fathers has pleaded no contest

California man blamed for cutting his two adoptive dads multiple times has argued no contest. Matthew Boulet, 23, has been accused of two checks of endeavored murder and conceded charges of causing incredible real injury for the July 24, 2018 assault that left Tom Boulet and Ken Coll.

On the day of stabbing, Boulet, who was home on break from college, cut one of his dads various times on the neck, middle, arms, face and ears. The other man attempted to intercede and Boulet also cut him numerous times on the arms, middle and face.

The two men endured. Boulet’s mom called the police. She told officials that the assault began in a contention. Boulet is relied upon to be condemned to over 15 years in state prison when he arrives to court on Oct. 29.