Snowflake to go public in what stands to be the biggest software IPO ever with a share price of $120

Snowflake, a cloud data warehousing company that has the support of Salesforce and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, is set to open up to the world in what stands to be the greatest software IPO ever. Snowflake valued its IPO on Tuesday night at $120 a share, well over the normal scope of $100 to $110. That value extend was reconsidered upwards from the first desire for $75 to $85 a share prior this month. It will trade on the NYSE under the name of “SNOW.” The organization is selling 28 million shares and will raise almost $3.4 billion from the IPO. At its $120 share value, Snowflake will be esteemed at $33.3 billion.