President Donald Trump delivered a breakthrough for cooperation & advancement in the Mideast

We offer high commendation for Trump, Jared Kushner and other key administration authorities for designing a couple of Israel-Arab peace pacts in under a month, culminated on the White House South Lawn yesterday with signings by the UAE and Bahrain with Israel. Trump conveyed an achievement for collaboration and headway in the Mideast.

The “circle of peace,” as Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu called it as he remained with the foreign ministers of UAE and Bahrain, has now multiplied from Egypt and Jordan. Also, it is extremely unlikely that minuscule Bahrain would have inked its arrangement without the approval of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis, along the other gulf states of Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, are likely on Trump’s rundown, as might be Morocco and Sudan.

The vital result of this force, should it proceed, is that Iran and its companions in psychological warfare and provincial destabilization will be progressively outmaneuvered. Palestinians will, we trust, come to see that declining to handle peace with Israel is an impasse.