Lewis Hamilton wore a T-shirt honoring Breonna Taylor at the Tuscan Grand Prix before the race

Lewis Hamilton wore a T-shirt with the words “ARREST THE COPS WHO KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR” on the front, and “SAY HER NAME” over a photograph of Taylor on the back, before the race and at the platform function. Having initially said it would think about the issue, the FIA will rather explain its rules regarding what will be allowed for drivers and teams both before and after race. The FIA is meaning to set up these rules in front of the following race of the 2020 season which is booked to happen in Sochi, Russia on September 27.

Taylor was lethally shot in her Louisville home in March as three casually dressed cops executed a “no-knock” warrant. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is directing an examination concerning the episode and the FBI is exploring whether Taylor’s civil rights were disregarded. Taylor’s mom has documented a claim in civil court against the three officials recognized regarding her little girl’s passing. No official has been accused of a wrongdoing. Two of the officials stay on the job, while a third was terminated and is engaging to receive his position back.