A Southwest Airlines passenger said she was kicked off a flight because her toddler wasn’t wearing a mask

34-year-old Chicago lady says she was removed from a Southwest Airlines plane since her 2-year-old child was eating a nibble before take-off and was not wearing a face cover. Jodi Degyansky was getting back from an outing to Florida on Saturday when flight attendants consistently revealed to her that her kid should cover his face, despite the fact that he was all the while eating. The plane had just left the terminal at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers when flight attendants disclosed to her she has to leave.

Airline crew at that point accompanied the lady and her little child off the plane for disregarding the organization’s Covid rules, which require travelers of 2 years old or more to cover their faces while voyaging. Degyansky depicted the scene as mortifying and superfluous. She said she’s not against Southwest’s face cover laws however needs airlines to be more permissive with guardians who have little youngsters.