South Carolina police shot & wounded a suspect hours after he killed his pregnant girlfriend in Minnesota

South Carolina police shot and injured a 29-year-old man hours after he killed his 23-year-old pregnant sweetheart, Keona Foote, her unborn youngster and her 2-year-old little girl in Minnesota. Renard Carter is blamed for killing the casualties in the city of Rochester early Sunday and traveling south to kill another lady, an ex who was found and brought to a sheltered spot before he arrived.

Officials found the man in a Columbia hotel, where he faced them while live-streaming on Facebook. He at that point took steps to shoot the 15 officials outside the hotel and came out with a BB gun that appeared as though a genuine rifle, inciting three cops to discharge back. Carter was shot more than a few time yet is relied upon to endure. He will be charged with two tallies of second-degree murder and one check of second-degree murder of an unborn kid after he leaves the emergency clinic and is sent back to Minnesota.