SeaWorld Entertainment laid off nearly 1,900 furloughed workers at its 3 Orlando parks this month

A theme park and entertainment company, SeaWorld Entertainment, has laid off almost 1,900 furloughed laborers at its 3 Orlando parks this month, accusing the choice for the huge effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and coming about social distancing limitations. The mass cutbacks incorporate in excess of 450 food administration chaperons, around 270 park activity managers, 121 entertainers and 18 senior mentors.

The 1,896 representatives had not gotten back to work since the Orlando-based organization shut down the entirety of its theme parks and furloughed 95% of staff back in March. One of the organization’s three parks in the city, SeaWorld Orlando, returned in June with restricted hours and decreased participation of 30 to 35%, in accordance with government rules to contain the spread of COVID-19.