Hundreds of unmasked Jews crammed into the Brooklyn’s synagogue for religious services over the weekend

Several grown-ups, many without masks, unreliably packed into the temple at Brooklyn’s Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters for religious exercises throughout the end of the week, infringing upon city and state law and against all solid general health measures. This is definitely not a Jewish community issue. This is a little cut of the super Orthodox community that is defying the norms, putting themselves as well as other people in danger.

Ongoing city information show noteworthy case increments in Orthodox neighborhoods like Midwood and Borough Park, where infection spiking are triple those of different neighborhoods. As the Jewish High Holy Days approach, we understand extra face to face religious observances will occur. Are community pioneers investigating open air facilities for gatherers to adore while scattering? Is it accurate to say that they are timing passages and ways out at high-capacity indoor settings?