FamilyMart & Lawson deploying a 7 feet tall robot named Model-T for stacking shelves in Tokyo stores

Lawson chain sent its first robot in a convenience store, in Tokyo this week. FamilyMart tested similar robots a month ago, and says it intends to make them work in 20 of its stores within next 2 years.

FamilyMart and Lawson are sending a robot named Model-T, created by Japanese startup Telexistence. Seven feet tall when reached out to its full tallness, the robot moves around on a wheeled stage and is kitted out with cameras, mouthpieces and sensors. Utilizing the three fingers on every one of its two hands it can stock racks with items, for example, packaged beverages, jars and rice bowls.

It can handle, or pick and spot, objects of a few unique shapes and sizes into various areas. This separates it from different robots utilized in stores, for example, those utilized by Walmart to scan shelf stock, or the ones utilized in warehouses to stack boxes. Warehouse robots get something very similar from a similar spot and spot it on a similar stage, their development is exceptionally restricted contrasted with the Mode-T.