53-year-old St. John Parish Judge found guilty of multiple counts of sex crimes against three young women

53-year-old St. John Parish Judge Jeff Perilloux was seen as liable on Saturday of numerous counts of sex wrongdoings as a detriment to three young ladies who were companions with his adolescent girls. Perilloux was sentenced for three felony checks of obscene conduct with an adolescent and a fourth tally of sexual battery offense after examiners blamed him for prepping the young ladies.

One of the people in question, a 15-year-old young lady who distinguished herself as Perilloux’s little girl’s closest companion, blamed the judge for giving her back rubs in May and June 2017. He additionally grabbed her bosom during one attack for few seconds. She additionally blamed Perilloux for putting his hands down her swimsuit base during a family excursion to Florida.

A 14-year-old young lady asserted Perilloux of compelling her to let him rub sunscreen on her. She additionally advised police that he had attempted to push a water hose down her shorts, however affirmed that she didn’t recollect whether he really contacted her shorts. A third lady, at that point 17, affirmed that Perilloux, wearing just underwear, applied Vick’s VapoRub over the head of her bosoms. Perilloux, who was seen as blameworthy, is set to be condemned on Oct. 15.