The Trumps honored 19th anniversary of 9/11 by visiting the rural Pennsylvania field where Flight 93 crashed

Trump honored Friday’s nineteenth commemoration of 9/11 by visiting the rustic Pennsylvania field where Flight 93 slammed. Trump appeared at the memorial wall in Shanksville to convey a morning discourse before relatives of the Flight 93 casualties.

He hailed the 40 travelers as evident saints for raging into the cockpit on Sept. 11, 2001, retaking control of the airplane and subduing the fear based oppressors’ arrangements to wreck the U.S. Capitol by rather deliberately smashing the plane into the barren Shanksville field, murdering everybody locally available.

In opposition to Trump, participants wore masks and sat at any rate six feet separated for the discourse, a dreary token of the pandemic battles supporting the current year’s celebration services. After his discourse, Trump and his significant other laid a wreath at the memorial wall, which records the names of the 40 travelers, before taking off.