Amphetamine, diazepam & alcohol were present in Naya Rivera’s system at the time of her death

The Ventura County Medical Examiner’s toxicology report uncovered that Naya Rivera had amphetamine, diazepam and liquor in her blood when she died in Lake Piru on July 8. Her blood-liquor content was a moderately low .016%. The report likewise said that Rivera utilized a weed vape pen and had been taking sinus-contamination drug and Adderall for tension.

Authorities noticed that despite the fact that Rivera was healthy, she had a past filled with vertigo that would deteriorate when she was in the water. The decedent would have vertigo to the point of spewing, yet she figured out how to control the indications with antihistamines. Rivera had been treated at a Los Angeles emergency clinic for vertigo sooner or later before her unfavorable passing.