22-year-old woman who chopped her hand off to make a fraudulent insurance claim was sentenced to prison

22-year-old Slovenian lady who intentionally slashed her hand off to make a false insurance guarantee was condemned to jail on Friday. Julija Adlesic was seen as blameworthy of endeavored insurance extortion and condemned to two years in a correctional facility by the district court in Ljubljana. Adlesic rejected that she’d deliberately cut her hand with a round saw, telling the court that her life has been devastated by the occurrenc.

Early a year ago, the convict, whose last name was additionally detailed as Andlasic, and her sweetheart consented to cut off her left hand over the wrist at their living arrangement in the capital. Her beau and his dad took Adlesic to the emergency clinic, asserting she was sawing branches when she got the injury. Rather than carrying her cut off hand to the emergency clinic, specialists state the gathering abandoned it to ensure the harm was ever-lasting.

Specialists in this way recuperated the body part, which was reattached to the con. Adlesic’s beau has been condemned to three years in jail. A one-year suspended sentence was given to his dad. About a year earlier, the court said Adlesic marked agreements with five insurance organizations and remained to gather more than 1 million euros.