Middle school student arrested after being caught with 3 handguns & ammunition inside a school in Florida

A young student was captured on Thursday subsequent to being gotten with three handguns and ammo inside a school in northeast Florida. No shots were discharged and nobody was harmed, however the 12-year-old kid was arrested and charged with ownership of a gun in school. During a hunt of his desk, deputies likewise found an upsetting drawing of a shooter encompassed by dead bodies outside the school.

The youngster’s mom later told authorities that her child had as of late murdered a family canine coincidentally with a pellet firearm. The lady said she had recently opened a safe where the weapons were put away however thought she had bolted it once more. The occurrence occurred on Thursday morning at a private school in Callahan.

Specialists said they were called to the school after an instructor saw the understudy conveying two apparently substantial lunchboxes and requested to perceive what was inside. The kid hesitantly permitted the instructor to open the holders and purportedly disclosed to her he had carried the weapons to show them to the head. While the kid was being addressed by specialists, one of the deputies saw he had a third firearm on him and immediately made sure about it.