Mark Zuckerberg to provide additional paid time off to employees who volunteer as poll workers during the election

Mark Zuckerberg said on Friday that Facebook will give extra paid time off to representatives who volunteer as poll laborers during the election. The additional get-away opportunity arrives as a feature of a more extensive push by the organization to enroll poll laborers. Zuckerberg said this end of the week that Facebook users more than 18 years old will see messages at the head of their news feeds urging them to elect to staff the polls in their general vicinity.

In the midst of analysis over its readiness for the election, Facebook has turned out new promotion and substance approaches and set up a focal entrance for voter data. However, Zuckerberg and Facebook keep on being hounded by pundits who state that, with the election weeks away, the stage despite everything permits politicians to lie in ads and has empowered the spread of scorn discourse and falsehood.