Mitch McConnell pushing for a vote on his COVID-19 stimulus in a bid to rescue 7 endangered GOP lawmakers

Mitch McConnell is pushing on Thursday for a vote on a COVID-19 stimulus bundle in a bid to safeguard up to seven imperiled GOP lawmakers confronting troublesome reelection bids. With no expectation of Democratic help, McConnell (R-Ky.) needs to arrange each of the 53 Republicans to back the downsized $500 billion Republican measure that would:

Provide $105 billion to help schools resume. Enact a shield against claims for organizations and others pushing forward to return. Create a downsized $300-per-week supplemental jobless advantage. Write off $10 billion in prior debt at the U.S. Postal Service. Set aside $31 billion for a COVID-19 vaccine, $16 billion for infection testing and $15 billion to assist youngster caring businesses return. Provide $20 billion for ranchers. Dedicate $258 billion for another round of check assurance endowments.

Democrats state the GOP bill is unreasonably little and forgets about significant needs, including several billions of dollars for state and local governments, more liberal jobless advantages, and help for tenants and mortgage holders, alongside different arrangements in the House Democrats’ $3.5 trillion alleviation bill that went in May. He named no less than seven GOP senate seats that could flip in November, a bizarrely candid statement of the risky political atmosphere for Republicans with Trump at the head of the chain.