David Beckham’s company plans to become the first esports franchise to list on the London Stock Exchange

David Beckham’s esport organization intends to turn into the first esports franchise to list on the London Stock Exchange, exploiting the developing fame of online gaming. Guild Esports affirmed plans for an IPO in an announcement on Wednesday. The organization said it needs to manufacture a worldwide games franchise. It will skim 40% of its shares one month from now and plans to raise £20 million to enroll new players and put resources into the business.

Eports highlights different expert players contending in video games that can be viewed at physical places or through digital networks. A stock market posting will give Guild Esports the caché, validity and funding to satisfy its desire to get one of the world’s top 10 esports franchises in three years. Beckham will utilize his worldwide impact and following to help the Guild Esports franchise.