Amazon announced it will hold a Career Day on September 16 that is open to everyone seeking a job

Amazon reported it will hold a Career Day on September 16 that is available to everybody looking for work. Amazon’s Career Day will incorporate a group of 1,000 Amazon spotters offering 20,000 career training meetings. The meetings are complimentary. Amazon presently has 33,000 employment opportunities for corporate and tech jobs and says it will share a large number of extra hourly parts in Amazon’s Operations network soon.

The entirety of the new representatives for these jobs will be paid in any event the lowest pay permitted by law at $15 every hour with as long as 20 weeks of parental leave. The workers who fill the corporate and tech jobs will get a normal compensation of $150,000, including pay, stock-based pay and advantages. Amazon led a review and found that 53% of Americans have been compelled to search for a new position due to Covid-19.