37-year-old drunk man attempted to steal the taxi that police called for him on Sunday night in Tennessee

37-year-old intoxicated Tennessee man endeavored to take the taxi that police called for him. Travis Wayne Dulaney was strolling down a road while pushing a baby in a carriage when the cops showed up because of a domestic disturbance report. Officials acknowledged Dulaney was smashed and called him a taxi.

Police said that subsequent to setting the infant in the taxi, Dulaney wouldn’t join the kid inside and started battling with the cops. At a certain point, Dulaney changed his technique, figured out how to get steering seat of the taxi and endeavored to hold it before police took a hold of him. He was first taken to a medical facility before he was reserved in the county prison. He’s been accused of felony kid risk, felony endeavored vehicle robbery, open inebriation and opposing capture.