Retired American husband-wife that went missing in Mexico have been found dead at the bottom of a well

Husband & wife from America that disappeared while going in Mexico have been discovered dead at the base of a well. Ian Hirschsohn, 78, and Kathy Harvey, 73, from San Diego, were living at a house close to El Socorrito outside of San Quintin when they disappeared. Harvey messaged her child on Aug. 28 saying they would investigate a gold mine or appreciate a day at the sea shore before they came back to home California. They should show up Aug. 31, however never appeared.

The couple were first announced missing on Sept. 2. Specialists discovered their vehicle at the end of the week and examiners looking through a distant zone outside of Ensenada spotted human remains at the base of the well. They were recuperated Friday and Saturday. They are currently affirmed perished in Mexico and family has been informed. Authorities have not delivered data with respect to the reason for death and the case remains under scrutiny.