Apple counter-sued Epic Games of stealing the 30% commissions the company takes from app developers

Apple counter-sued Epic Games on Tuesday, blaming the creator of Fortnite for taking the 30% commissions the iPhone producer takes from application developers. In a court filing, Apple blamed Epic for self improvement and deception as it left on an arrangement of supposed commission-robbery by incorporating a workaround in Fortnite that gave users a rebate on in-game currency in the event that they paid Epic legitimately.

Apple is looking for a verdict from Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers finding that Epic penetrated its developer contract with Apple, just as financial harms. Epic documented a lawsuit against Apple a month ago in a firmly watched antitrust case that could reshape the way digital application stores work. Epic claimed for the situation that Apple’s choice to eliminate Fortnite from its application store over in-application buy charges reflects anticompetitive conduct and an infringement of US antitrust law.