Alabama man who fired 50 rounds into a Bass Pro Shops was taken down before his mass shooting attempt

38-year-old Alabama man who shot up to 50 rounds into a Bass Pro Shops on Saturday was brought down before what police accept could have turned significantly much devastating. Robert Smith was captured during the shooting wearing body shield and conveying at least more than few firearms, including three AR rifle platforms, one AR pistol, a 9 mm short rifle, a shotgun and two pistols with a few hundred rounds of ammo for all the weapon.

Phenomenally, nobody inside the Bass Pro Shops was harmed in the splash of gunfire. An official was somewhat harmed during the capture. Smith was tasered and captured at the scene and deals with indictments including opposing capture, foolish danger, releasing a gun into an crowded structure and second-degree attack identified with harming an official while being arrested. A lady was likewise arrested simultaneously yet her job or relationship to Smith is indistinct.