Whole Foods’ new online-only store allows workers to pick items off shelves & deliver them to customers

Whole Foods, claimed by Amazon, opened a new store a week ago in Brooklyn, New York, in a previous distribution center space. It has no clients and is an alleged dark store, which is more stockroom than store. It permits Whole Foods laborers inside to stock and take things out of racks, and afterward Amazon drivers will deliver them to clients in the Brooklyn zone. Dark stores were an expanding pattern before the pandemic. Walmart, Stop and Shop, Hy-Vee and others were all trying out comparative ideas to deliver staple goods.

Retail investigators state merchants were beginning to try different things with dark stores for two fundamental reasons. Dark stores are littler than huge, brought together stockrooms and can be found nearer to where clients live. This is significant on the grounds that it empowers organizations to deliver short-lived food to clients more rapidly than delivering from distribution centers on the edges of towns. It likewise assists merchants with reducing down on transportation expenses.

Store and delivery application laborers perusing walkways and picking clients’ online requests in conventional stores was likewise prompting grievances from shoppers about stopped up paths and stuck stores. Moving the selecting cycle from normal areas assists chains with tackling this issue. A flood in online shopping for food in the midst of the pandemic has incited more merchants to go to this model. Online basic food item demand significantly increased in Amazon’s most recent quarter from a similar period a year ago.