Michigan man accused of killing girlfriend’s daughter sentenced to 50 years behind bars in her death

24-year-old Michigan man blamed for striking his sweetheart’s small girl and afterward leaving her face-down in a bath has been condemned to somewhere in the range of 25 and 50 years in a correctional facility in her passing. Damian Garrett was given the sentence in Midland County Circuit on Friday. Garrett in July conceded to a charge of second-degree murder in the case as a major aspect of a supplication bargain. In return, examiners excused tallies including first-degree murder and first-degree kid assault.

The charges originate from the 2019 passing of 1-year-old Skylar Pappel. Garrett told specialists he was distant from everyone else with the baby in his better half’s Northwind Forest loft in Midland on Sept. 17. At the point when he endeavored to give her shower, she became progressively fastidious about her hair getting wet.

The more she squirmed and shouted, the more eager and disappointed Garrett became until he struck her in the head. At the point when medics and specialists showed up on the scene, they said Garrett mostly admitted to his part in Skylar’s demise. He blew up and hit her, and she fell and hit her face on the faucet, at that point tumbled down face-first into the water. Garrett told the judge he left the washroom, leaving Skylar face down in the water, for five or six minutes, acknowledging there was serious extent of probability she would suffocate in the event that he left her that way.