Anna Faris, one of the two title stars of “Mom,” has left the CBS sitcom ahead of its eighth season

Anna Faris has left the CBS sitcom “Mom” before the beginning of its eighth season. She is amidst two-year contract signed a year ago, which followed long exchanges and guaranteed a two-year recharging through the eighth season. Her exit was apparently concluded not long after the Chuck Lorre series went into rest, which started in March in the midst of the pandemic. At that point, there was only one scene left to go for the show’s seventh season.

The show focuses on the connection between Christy, an as of late calm single parent, and her in the past offended mother Bonnie, who additionally battled with addiction, as the two attempt to explore collectedness and their own bond. The freshest season, scheduled to start filming on Sept. 14, does exclude Faris’ character however will address her nonappearance.