Airline fare comparisons should be based on the price for a consistent set of features

At the point when you look at compared prices from multiple airlines you might want to be certain that the correlations depend on the cost for a predictable arrangement of highlights. However, they don’t: One carrier may post a stripped down least price that does exclude seat booking, checked or carry-on baggage, or maintenance of some worth in the event that you drop the booking, though the most reduced posted toll from a different line incorporates a few or those highlights.

This is an unmistakable open door for the online travel agencies and metasearch people. In the ideal search framework, you would enter trip subtleties in addition to what highlights you need: seat booking, checked pack, feast administration, whatever. The search engine would then restore one type to it’s logical counterpart examinations from every aircraft reflecting precisely what you need to pay to get what you indicated. Despite the fact that it’s obviously conceivable, no one is doing that yet.