Trump’s biggest lie was that he would build the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border & make Mexico pay for it

Trump’s greatest lie was that he would construct the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and make Mexico pay for it. A tremendous divider up and down the US’ Southern border is an emblematic monstrosity and reasonable difficulty since certain pieces of the 1,933-mile border are characterized by a stream or by desert or mountains, and others on private property that won’t be yielded without years-long legal battles.

And keeping in mind that fencing or a wall in certain spots most likely bodes well to stop unapproved entry, no wall could stop the progression of drugs or people. Most undocumented immigrants are visa outstays, not illegal border intersections. Yet, about that guarantee of who might pay for the venture, assessed by Trump’s own administration to cost more than $21 billion: It wasn’t Mexico. It was never going to be Mexico.

Today is the commemoration of the Trump administration’s last capitulation on that front: Secretary of Defense Mark Esper approved the repurposing of $3.6 billion from different Pentagon ventures, following Trump chief activity similarly. As such, after a guarantee Mexico would pay, U.S. taxpayers ended up on the snare. Thus, in case we’re looking at making individuals pay for things: Make Trump pay for his disruptiveness and double dealing.