Mother discovered her son hanging from a curtain rod inside their Texas home following a shift at work

Specialists are examining after a mother found her child dangling from a blind pole inside their Texas home after arriving back from work. As per specialists, the kid was home alone on Wednesday with two sisters while their mom worked her day of work as a conveyance driver. She works for UberEats to help her family.

At the point when she completed and came back to her Houston condo around 3 a.m. after work, she discovered her child and quickly called 911. She told examiners she left her kids alone and said to them that she would be back soon. Medics gave CPR and endeavored to resuscitate the kid, yet he was hurried to the medical clinic, where he passed on from his wounds the exact night. His reason for death has not yet been delivered nor have the conditions encompassing his demise.