Twitter adding pinned tweets & descriptions to better explain why something is trending

Twitter reported that it’s adding pinned tweets and portrayals to clarify why something is trending. Trends show what everybody is discussing at the present time. However, time and again, we see single word or expression trending on Twitter and ask, ‘for what reason is this trending?’ Beginning Tuesday on iOS and Android, a few trends will have a tweet pinned to the head of them to give more data. That pinned tweet will be picked by the two calculations and Twitter’s curation group. The component will come to soon.

In the following a little while, trends will likewise get short portrayals, which Twitter guarantees will be direct and plainly sourced setting concerning why a subject is trending. These highlights will be accessible in the US, just as around twelve different nations including Argentina, New Zealand, Spain and the UK. The move is essential for a more extensive exertion by Twitter to add clarification to the stage, for example, naming tweets that have questioned or deluding data.