No president has abused technology more than Trump has used Twitter to poison the political culture

No president has manhandled a technology more than Trump has employed Twitter to harm the political culture. Trump utilizes Twitter to gaslight the nation, violently assault political adversaries, instigate turmoil, report incautious choices without having counseled his consultants, and spread paranoid ideas and disinformation.

Simply this year: He’s retweeted Florida inhabitants shouting “White power!” and a call to detain Gov. Cuomo. At the tallness of the pandemic, as states frantically attempted to get contaminations leveled out, Trump tweeted “LIBERATE!” to supporters in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Michigan (all with Democratic governors) — driving equipped dissenters to attack the Capitol structure in Lansing, Michigan, generally maskless and shouting in the faces of police and safety officers, attempting to scare administrators.

His Twitter propensities leave presumably that something isn’t right with the mind of the supposed pioneer of the free world. Sunday morning alone, he tweeted or retweeted multiple times during a more than two hour term. This incorporated a retweet eliminated from Twitter pronouncing that COVID passings are expanded, another proclaiming fights a sorted out overthrow but then another displaying a video of Trump supporters shooting paintballs against nonconformists (“PATRIOTS!” he tweeted).