Melania Trump’s former top aide claimed first lady used private email to discuss official government business

First Lady Melania Trump allegedly utilized a private email account to examine official government work including employing assistants and security-touchy timetables of visiting heads of state. Melania’s expelled previous top associate Stephanie Winston Wolkoff made the case as she reveals her journal concerning Trump’s better half and her time in the White House.

Trump made an enormous mission issue out of Hillary Clinton’s utilization of a private email server as secretary of state during their 2016 presidential fight. Numerous examiners accept that then-FBI Director James Comey’s disclosure about a progressing examination concerning the Clinton emails only days before Election Day tipped the challenge in support of Trump.

Melania Trump’s circumstance is diverse in light of the fact that she isn’t a government worker and doesn’t get a government pay. In the book, Wolkoff says she wished she had never met Melania, who is a previous model. Wolkoff said the pair initially met in 2003 in the lobbies of Vogue magazine, where she worked.