Chadwick Boseman’s high school revealed plans to honor the late actor with a scholarship fund in his name

Chadwick Boseman’s South Carolina high school has uncovered designs to respect the late entertainer with a scholarship fund in his name. Principal Walter Mayfield at T. L. Hanna High School affirmed on Wednesday that it is setting up a grant called the Chadwick Boseman Memorial Scholarship, which will be granted to one meriting understudy every year.

Boseman, who passed away of colon cancer a month ago, in the wake of engaging the infection secretly for a long time, graduated from T. L. Hanna High School in 1995. The Hollywood star, most popular for his work in “Black Panther” proceeded to study directing at Howard University, a generally Black college in Washington, DC.

Supporters to the new scholarship can send a check to the school or make an online donation. As indicated by the donation page, the Chadwick Boseman Memorial Scholarship is still in the beginning phases, and subtleties of how it will be granted are as yet being worked out.