Pennsylvania man accused of killing a teen after chasing the naked victim through the streets of Harrisburg

Orlando Duarte, a Pennsylvania man is blamed for executing an adolescent kid in the wake of pursuing the bare casualty through the roads of Harrisburg. A few observers told police they saw 16-year-old Kyan King running from the shooter on Saturday evening and shouting for help, letting some know of them he had been assaulted.

The suspect had a go at escaping the scene by walking, however he was inevitably arrested and accused of criminal murder and criminal ownership of a gun. Specialists are currently exploring what precisely prompted the shooting and whether the teenager was really assaulted before he attempted to run from the shooter. A Harrisburg police representative said investigators would almost certainly record extra charges after the post-mortem is finished.

Police were called to the scene around 1 p.m. on Saturday after 911 call mentioned seeing a bare man with an orange shirt shooting various shots at a bare adolescent. Officials at that point discovered Kyan lying on the ground with shot injuries to this chest and an emergency vehicle was called. The kid was taken to a hospital, however he was articulated dead a brief timeframe later.