Airlines still making families pay extra for advance seat assignments to sit together during the pandemic

Travelers face a few significant obstructions, and conquering those hindrances can include activities by a mix of the travel industry, the government, and third-party online services. Families paying extra for advance seat assignments to sit together. In spite of nudging from Congress, the Department of Transportation (DoT) has determinedly rejected to follow up on this issue, prompting another proposed bill in Congress.

This is a circumstance the airlines effectively could and ought to unravel all alone. They realize that on the off chance that they don’t act, the government will step in at some point or another and issue a guideline, which the airlines will at that point kvetch about as burdensome guideline. Given that airlines will in general be careless in regards to purchaser issues, the DoT will probably be constrained by Congressional strain to act, regardless of whether it needs to or not.