US reported 6 million total cases of coronavirus with over 183,000 deaths

A little more than seven months prior, nobody in the US had an affirmed case of Covid-19. On Monday, the US had 6 million cases of COVID-19, which has killed more than 183,000 individuals and left numerous youthful grown-ups with long haul issues. US is obviously improving now on the most recent day of August than they were on the first day of August.

Day by day cases have descended. Passings are beginning to decay. Hospitalizations are down. This is uplifting news, and it’s generally a result of savvy policies in Texas and Arizona and Florida around masking and shutting bars. There are still pieces of the nation where things are both awful and in any event, deteriorating. In the Dakotas, in Kansas and different states, there’s still a great deal of cases. US all in all is as yet observing a great deal of cases of COVID-19. So progress, yet there’s far to go.