India has reported more than 75,000 new COVID-19 cases for four days in row

India announced its newest most noteworthy single-day increment of COVID-19 cases subsequent to recording almost 80,000 new contaminations on Sunday. India presently has the quickest developing every day caseload on the planet and has detailed in excess of 75,000 new cases for four days in line to bring the nation’s absolute above 3.5 million.

Regardless of continuous fast-pace testing, isolating and treatment programs, the nation has additionally detailed in excess of 63,000 passings for COVID-19 entanglements.

About 20% of the entirety of the nations cases, and around 24,000 of its demises, have started in the state of Maharashtra. Worldwide the quantity of COVID-19 cases finished off 25 million on Sunday with the U.S. & Brazil despite everything having the most noteworthy number of contaminations with U.S. 5.9 million and 3.8 million, respectively.