Homeless man busted on drugs & gun possession charges in the Bronx was subsequently charged in the fatal stabbing of a man last month

36-year-old vagrant busted on drugs and weapon ownership charges in the Bronx was along these lines charged in the lethal cutting of a man in Washington Heights a month ago. Christian Pou deals with murder indictments in the July 31 slaughtering of 48-year-old Telmo Ruiz.

Ruiz and Pou battled in the second-floor lobby of an Audubon Ave. high rise close to W. 191st St., and Pou whipped out a blade and wounded Ruiz in the neck and chest. Ruiz escaped the structure and bumbled a square and a half before falling on the walkway.

Police trust Ruiz was slaughtered after a drug bargain turned sour. On Friday, investigators found Pou, capturing him in the Bronx on drug and firearm ownership charges, under the name Christian Delatore.