A brief look at President Trump’s psychic pathology

A developing number of clinicians are perceiving now that psychodynamic impacts underlie personality issues and that every psychological structure, regardless of whether typical or pathological, are without a doubt psychobiological structures. It is our setback that COVID-19 showed up during the presidency of a dangerous narcissist, who won’t permit that an imperceptible microorganism is more significant and more remarkable than he is, when mainline psychiatry is established in a worldview that won’t permit harmful narcissism to be openly recognized as the genuine dysfunctional behavior that numerous experts realize that it generally will be.

The main thing more perilous than a threatening narcissist whose life is going admirably is a dangerous narcissist whose life has started to go sideways. This is what’s going on now with Trump, in the outcome of more than 170,000 U.S. COVID-19 passings and an election in November that polls demonstrate he is at risk for losing. Clinicians call this situation decompensation, which happens when safeguards that underlie the narcissist’s psychic pathology can no longer oppose the weight of reality impinging on these guards.