It’s going to be a serious leap forward for Apple if iPhone 12 brings this amazing new feature

This new update could cause the iPhone 12 to feel essentially zippier: A high-refresh-rate screen. One gossip that has persisted for the current year is a 120 Hz display. That is a screen that can display 120 unique frames, or images, per second. The iPhone’s present screen, as most smartphone and PC displays, is stuck at 60 Hz, or 60 frames per second. That doesn’t feel moderate, since that is what we’re used to. However, get your hands on a 120 Hz display, and you’ll think about how you at any point made due with a measly 60 frames per second.

Screens with high refresh rates show up quicker. At the point when you scroll, tap on an application or play a game, the phone is by all accounts complying with your orders momentarily. Indeed, even on phones with more slow processors, high-refresh-rate screens feel quicker than 60 Hz phones. On the off chance that the iPhone 12 brings 120 Hz screen, that will be a genuine jump forward for Apple.